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Moments (Spor)

Simple Life Productions | Step By Step Productions

Director: Maya Lindh

Writer : Starri Hauksson

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Moments is an Icelandic play written originally for radio by Starri Hauksson. It was aired on Radio 1 in Iceland in November 2008 to critical acclaim. It has now been adapted for stage and translated into English. Moments saw it's UK premiere at The Drayton Arms Theatre in London in October 2015 to critical acclaim, performing in both English and in the original Icelandic text with subtitles.

✭✭✭✭ "While it may be an Icelandic play, the messages are universal and presented very well here. It’s well worth a trip to West London to see this!"

- Westend Wilma


"Moments is well written, the acting is excellent (particularly Aron Trausti and Siggi Holm) and it is a thoughtful and sensitive production (Sindri Swan, Maya Lindh) that does not shy away from challenging topics." 

- Joanna Goodman


✭✭✭✭✭ "The performances are taut and quite riveting and the beautifully sad story reduced me to tears. Strongly recommended."

- David Woodward


After a tragic loss, Andri has withdrawn from society and seemingly given up on life. We watch as Andri struggles with ghosts from the past, as well as his own existence and relationships. The play addresses the subject of family, loss and forgiveness with brutal honesty, revealing the imperfections and raw vulnerability of the human mind and being.

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