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Filmstigen - Fear, Hopes and Dreams...

Filmstigen is back! This summer we'll be shooting another film in Bergsjö in Sweden as part of our project Filmstigen. We are working with a group of around twenty-five youths, both refugees and Swedish born, between the ages of 13 - 19. The themes we are exploring are "fear, hopes and dreams" and how those relate to young people today and differs from person to person depending on one's background. The format this time is three days of workshops, during which we'll be exploring these themes and create the basis of our story. We will then take a break for a couple of weeks to map out and finalise the script, to then start again with a three week process which will include more workshops, rehearsals and finally, the shoot!

This week was the start of our workshops and it's been absolutely amazing! A huge thank you to all of our participants, we have such great material to create our story and we cannot wait to come back and start production of the film!

Below is a selection of photos from our three day workshop!

PS. Check out Filmstigen on Facebook for more info and updates on the process!

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