The Fortunate Mr Spencer / Simple Life Productions | Creating Freedom

Director: Siggi Holm

Producer: Julia Berg | Siggi Holm | Maya Lindh | Alex Dower

Writer : Siggi Holm & Maya Lindh

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Two detectives are called out to investigate the disappearance of a Mr David Spencer. His family, an upperclass family in the English country side, doesn't know where he's gone to or if he's even alive, but the plot thickens and we soon find out that things aren't at all what they seem to be...


The Fortunate Mr Spencer is a collaboration between Simple Life Productions and Creating Freedom - an award winning arts organistation creating film and theatre with various marginalised groups around the world. This film is a long term project in association with I Have A Voice Too! which is a group of adults with learning difficulties in Ayelsbury. 

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